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Level 3

Designed for the better than average rider that is looking for the edge. A rider that is pushing the limits all day but still wants to go faster. At a level 3 school you would be taught advanced braking and cornering techniques, advanced jumping techniques and how to tackle very hard obstacles such as logs on steep hills.

Level 2

To cater for the rider that is confident and likes to hang it out but finds that when they go out for a day on the trails they always seem to have troubles on logs and hills. At a level 2 school you would be taught cornering, braking, jumping and how to tackle more major obstacles like bigger logs, rocky creeks and steep hills.

Level 1

To cater for beginners and novice riders that have limited skills. Designed to boost your confidence and answer the commonly asked questions about riding so that riding your motor bike is a lot more fun. At a level 1 school you would be taught clutch and brake skills, braking, rider position, cornering, bike set up and how to tackle obstacles that you might come across out on the trails.

Trail and Enduro Riding is our specialty. Our clinics are designed to make your time on a motorbike more enjoyable, boost your confidence and make you a smoother, safer and faster rider.

We host one, two and three day group clinics throughout the year or private coaching is available. Dates will be posted on our calendar. Just like our tours, we run our coaching clinics under a grading system































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