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Corner Man System

The basic rule is Ė Ride in a group, stick to the system and someone will always be there to help you if you need it.

Unless you are riding in a small group with riders of similar ability and the tracks arenít too dusty it is best to use this system to avoid the group becoming separated.

The two main players in the system are the lead rider and the sweep. The group follows the lead rider where ever he may take them and he is in charge of placing a rider to show change of direction. He will give the second rider an indication that he wants him to mark the corner. The second rider must stop and should park his bike in the direction the lead has gone. He should also use a hand signal to indicate the change of direction as well. This rider keeps this position until all other riders have passed by and the sweep arrives.

The rider then takes off in front of the sweep and follows the group until he is back in second place again. He would then repeat the exercise again as many times as required.

Points to note.

The lead is responsible for indicating when to show a change of direction. The lead should also stop and regroup every few kís and make sure the sweep arrives before proceeding. If possible, the lead and the sweep should wear a bright coloured top so he is easily recognized.

Never leave your corner unless the sweep arrives. If the sweep doesnít arrive then there is a problem that he is dealing with. The marker needs to hold his ground until the lead rider returns or the sweep arrives.

Once you are at the rear of the field you can overtake slower riders and work your way back through the field. Use caution when overtaking and don't take anybody out, it's not a race.

If you are aware a bike is behind you, you can indicate which side you want him to pass by sticking your boot out on that side. If you want to stop it is good to use a stop hand signal and pull over to the left. Donít just jam the skids on in the middle of the track or you might end up with another bike on top of you.

Remember Ė this is not just for general safety it also ensures a good day of riding is had by all. There is nothing more frustrating than the group becoming separated and riders going in circles looking for each other. If you donít find each other you donít know if other are OK.

Enjoy your ride.













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Last modified: 14/09/23