Date   Name
2-3 Mar 2 Day Blue Mountains Private  TM Tour
9-10 Mar 2 Day Blue Mountains Rush Tour
6&7th April Kowen Forest Ride (Rally Sponsor)
13-14 April 2 Day Sunny Corner Private TM Tour
25-26 May 2 Day Sunny Corner Rush Tour
1&2 Jun 2 Day Watagans Private TM Tour
6&7 Jul 2 Day Watagans Rush Tour
TBC Rush Bush Rumble
7-8 Sep 2 Day Dalmeny Private TM Tour
5-6 Oct 2 Day Batemans Bay Private TM Tour
12-13 Oct 2 Day Sunny Corner Rush Tour
10-16th Nov 7 Deadly Sins
TBA Kid's Coaching Clinic - Batemans Bay
30&1 Dec 2 Day Batemans Bay XMAS Tour


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